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How is Our World Educational Trust different?

Today there are hundreds of different charities, trusts and aid organisations trying to make the world a better place. Some of these organisations are more well-known than others, but that doesn’t mean their cause is any less important. Our World Educational Trust does not support one charity, we support the common aim of making education a right, not a privilege. We select specific projects from a range of different charities that we feel target our mission and we bring them to one place on the web where you can make an informed decision as to which projects you feel most passionate about supporting.


In an effort to maximise the direct contributions made to educational projects around the world, we work with our partners to highlight particular projects that are a priority at this time. Using these connections we can ensure that any donations you make to support individual projects via the Our World Educational Trust website are "ring fenced" by the particular charity, and only spent on the projects you have selected.



Do I have to donate to just one project?

No, this is one of the reasons Our World Educational Trust is unique. You can donate an amount of money and choose how that money is divided between the projects. You may choose to split your donation 10% to one project, 50% to another, and 20% to two other projects.

By developing this unique approach to giving, it allows you to support many different charities at the same time, and through our arranged "ring fencing" of funds it also provides you with the secure knowledge that the maximum amount is being spent directly on the projects of your choice.

Why don’t I just donate directly to the charity whose project you are highlighting?

There is no reason at all why you shouldn’t donate directly to the host charity; your donations will be welcomed. Our World Educational Trust is working with the host charities in an effort to maximise the delivery of projects on the ground. However, it can be difficult to donate to specific projects, we ask the host charities to "ring fence" funding raised through the Our World Educational Trust website to particular projects. In that way, administration and general running costs are reduced and the maximum percentage of your donation reaches the project you want to support.

How many projects do you support?

There are no definite limits on the number of projects that we support, however we will only support those projects which we feel meet the guidelines of our mission statement and have realistic and achievable aims. Projects that are a priority for our partner charities will be highlighted through our website.

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