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Tiffany Arthur

International Adviser

Tiffany Arthur is native to Miami, Florida, USA and currently resides in Fort Lauderdale. She is the mother of 3 grown daughters, one teenage daughter and 2 new grand daughters.


Brought up in a modest family and the eldest of 4 children, Tiffany worked her way through high school and college. This work / school combination assisted in driving her entrepreneurial spirit leading to several successful careers spanning 25 years. She currently counsels and educates families in avoiding fraud, and making sound real estate, finance and investments decisions. Tiffany's businesses provide resources and referrals to professionals with integrity, for families in the US attempting to recover from the 2007 market crash.


Tiffany believes deeply that education is the key to freedom, self-preservation and the number one deterrent of any long term personal or psychological harm for women and girls, wherever they are and no matter what the circumstance.


Tiffany's goal is to share and foster the spirit of innovative thinking in education and in the workplace for women and girls throughout the world.


In line with "thinking globally, but acting locally", she continues to support local charities in the community she lives sharing time, personal experiences and her passions for helping society's weakened become society's strengthened.

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