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Scholarships for further education for TCF Female Alumni

In Pakistan the current public education system consists of 157,525 primary schools and 62,920 secondary schools, of which:

8% do not actually exist

16% have no building

44% have no water

60% have no toilets

79% have no electricity

The situation for girls is even more alarming. Girls in Pakistan are far less likely to attend school than boys, as a result of social, cultural and economic obstacles. The importance of education for girls cannot be understated. Girls who do not receive an education are more vulnerable to diseases, early marriage, and gendered violence.

£7,479 would enable The Citizens Foundation to provide 34 full college and university scholarships to support deserving alumni, equipping students with the necessary skills to become professionals within their areas of expertise. 33 of these scholarships will allow students to enroll in intermediate programs (medicine, engineering and commerce) and the final scholarship will allow a student to enroll in a professional tertiary four-year degree.

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