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Girls Access To Education

If we can help Starfish Malawi reach their target of £1,000 then Starfish Malawi's top supporters will match donations pound for pound.

Your donations DOUBLED this Christmas!

Every month girls are forced to miss classes at school just because they do not have adequate menstrual sanitary protection. The GATEWAY program provides reuseable sanitary hygiene kits to women and girls, which consist of washable pads and knickers - giving comfort, confidence and dignity.

In addition, at Chitiwiri, the programme has also reached out to the community whereby the groups making the packs sell those in excess to the community and use the money to help needy students at the schools.

Our goal of £9,600 would enable Starfish Malawi to set up 6 new GATEWAY projects, as well as support the 6 projects already established.

One resuseable sanitary pack costs just £4, but it means so much more. It's not just about hygiene its about dignity and the opportunity for women to achieve their full potential.

Find out more about Starfish Malawi.

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