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February Edition

We've had a very quiet month in the Starfish Office UK. However, the Malawi office has been very busy creating our annual reports and distributing the goods from the container. We are so grateful to everyone who reads and is interested in our reports. It's so important to be able to share the good news of how God is moving in these projects. It's also important to know how we can improve and to know where the prayer needs are. Some of you have asked if you can print our newsletter and the answer is YES! To make it easier for you, we have attached a PDF version of this newsletter at the bottom of the page. Here are just 3 stories we wanted to share with you this month...


Penjani Mulenga - our temporary Student Sponsorship Assistant

In our July 2018 Newsletter we told you about Penjani who had completed his sponsored secondary education, gained excellent results in his MSCE final examinations which made him eligible for sponsored studies at Teacher Training College in Lilongwe. He graduated from college in December 2019 and now awaits the offer of a teaching post. This will be arranged by the Malawi Education Board in due course and could take up to a year. A suggestion was put to Emmanuel Uwaezuoke, the Starfish office director in Salima to see whether he might be able to offer him some temporary work. There was an important vacancy that needed filling immediately, so on 6th January 2020, the first day back to work after the Christmas and New Year break Penjani started learning all about the other side of the Starfish Student Sponsorship work and he is doing a great job. He looks happy at work. We feel this is one of our great success stories and just shows how getting behind a student in sponsorship, with a long term view of seeing them through to achieving their ambition can bring total satisfaction all round.


Disability Transport Fund

You may have seen our New Year appeal go out a couple of days ago. This is a fantastic opportunity to help children get to the correct place of care for their needs. Families in the rural villages where we work are extremely poor. This is a real issue for those who have children with disabilities who need surgery at a hospital..... To read the rest of the appeal, please click here.


Pastor's Library Report: JAN 2020

The work of Pastors Libraries has been wonderfully successful in the past year of 2019 and in particular through assisting Pastors who are doing Theological studies in both distance learning and attending colleges in Malawi. It has also been a valued resource for Pastors just venturing into ministry.

Right now, we have 10 centres including Salima, previously there were 11 centres.... To read the full report, please click here.

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