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Disability Transport Campaign

Disabled children need your help. Can you provide £22 to transport them to hospital?

Families in the rural villages where we work are extremely poor. This is a real issue for those who have children with disabilities who need surgery at a hospital. In 2019 we were able, with our supporters help, to enable 49 children to have transport to and from hospital. One of the children we helped was Chifuniro. This is his story: “Chifuniro is a child aged 2 years who lives in Salima south, in a village beside Lake Malawi. He had his left leg bending towards the other leg and he has undergone a procedure in order to make the leg straight. Speaking with his mother, Eneles she said, she is happy that her child is now better since the leg is made straight. She said God should bless the well-wishers who provided the funds so her child can be assisted."

The photos shows Chifuniro before and after his surgery.

We are aware of many more children who have been referred for surgery to a hospital either in Lilongwe or Blantyre, a long distance from their village, as the doctors in Salima are unable to carry out the surgery. However, the families cannot afford the cost of transport to get their child to these hospitals and therefore the children do not attend, and they miss out on the vital, life changing surgery that they need. Starfish wants to be able to help as many children as possible by holding a fund that can fully pay for the transport costs both to and from the hospital. £22 will pay for the child and an escort to travel to the hospital and return home after the surgery. This small amount of money will enable these children to have life changing surgery that, in many cases, will allow them to lead a better life and have hope for the future. It will also reduce the burden on their families. Would you be willing to help fund these costs and enable Starfish to build up a fund to assist these families to be able to send their disabled children to attend their hospital appointments and give them a brighter future? You can donate via our Just Giving page at Or If you would prefer to donate directly to our bank account, please use reference NYA2020. Our account details are:

CAF Bank, Sort Code 40-52-40, Account number 00018762. Thank you so much!

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