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December Edition

We are nearly at the end of 2019 and entering into a new decade, 2020. Some have said we're entering the 'roaring twenties' again! It's been an incredible year and God continues to show his favour with us here in the UK and out in Malawi. We have many plans for the next year and we're so excited and expectant to see how God wants to use us. So, as we go into 2020, we pray for good health, that God will bless you and your families and that He will show his Grace and favour to you all. Some of you have asked if you can print our newsletter and the answer is YES! To make it easier for you, we have attached a PDF version of this newsletter at the bottom of the page. Here are just 3 stories we wanted to share with you this month...

The London Beach Fundraising Meal

What a night! We had a fantastic time at our annual fundraising meal at The London Beach Hotel. We raised an incredible £3,300 and we could not have done it without your support. It was so good to hear from Emmanuel and Maryanne about their work in Malawi, while they were visiting the UK. Everyone had a great time. Thank you so much to those who came and here's to next year!

Christmas in Malawi

Christmas in Malawi is a little different from the UK. Celebrating Christmas in Malawi is a wonderful and special occasion. Christmas is less commercialised than in the UK, as the celebrations are much more church centred. Many churches will have a special celebration service at the church with amazing worship, lots of singing, dancing and drama, which are fantastic to watch. The people will dress in the best clothes. After the service there will be a church Christmas feast for the whole church family. Families will save up during the year to be able to afford food for their own celebrations and some will visit the Lake to celebrate with their wider family and parents. Malawians also give simple, often handmade gifts and verbal greetings. Groups of young children go door to door to perform dances and Christmas songs dressed in skirts made of leaves and using homemade instruments. A typical Christmas meal for a Malawian might have rice instead of nsima, and chicken in addition to their regular relish.

Bible Explorer


Our Bible Explorer work has grown in the last year. We now have eleven trained teachers who teach the Bible Explorer programme in 53 schools in the Salima area. They reach an incredible 7,979 children with the word of God each week! God is blessing this ministry and has enabled more schools to be open to having the Bible Explorer classes. We also have the support of the Deputy Education Minister for the region!

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