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September Edition

We've had a very busy month here at the Starfish HQ, with a number of (well deserved) staff holidays and even a house move! We've also been busy preparing for our next two fundraisers so please do put the following dates in your diaries: 1. 19th October - Sponsored Walk at Bedgebury Pinetum - 2. 22nd November - Annual Fundraising Dinner at The London Beach Hotel, Tenterden - email to book your tickets now. Some of you have asked if you can print our newsletter and the answer is YES! To make it easier for you, we have attached a PDF version of this newsletter at the bottom of the page. Here are just 3 stories we wanted to share with you this month...

Thanks to Berachar Church, who did the Leybourne Lakes walk in aid of Starfish on a different day and raised money for The Glad Tidings Orphan Care Project.

Children's Club Report

The 14 children’s clubs are really doing well with an average of 70 children attending each. They love being at the clubs which are truly life changing. Also read about the new development in partnership with Operation Christmas Child. Our latest Children’s Club report is here for you to read.

Farewell to staff and welcome to new staff on the Malawi Team.

Sadly two of our staff, Yolanda and Charity, moved onto new jobs recently. We thank God for their time with Starfish and what they achieved in their time with us. Top Photo: Yoyo and Charity with Maryanne and cake!! We are delighted to welcome the new staff at the Salima office:

Mercy Moyo our new Schools Linking assistant co-ordinator

Naomie Nzekwete our new Secondary school student sponsorship co-ordinator

We also welcome Jacob Manong’a to the team as the ambulance driver.

Disability Transport Fund

Through your generosity we have been able to help 22 disabled children get to hospital so that they could have their needed operations. We have just been given details of the interventions and we are so thankful to you all for providing funds for the transport. Without this these children would have had to stay at home and continue with a very limited life due to their disability. Examples of the types of disability are,

Below: Chifuniro is a child aged 2 years. He had his left leg bending towards the other leg and he has undergone a procedure in order to make the leg straight. His mother told us, “God should bless the well-wishers who provided the funds so her child can be assisted.”

Below: Ishmael is a 12 year old boy, who had his first two fingers of his right hand stuck together and a wide gap between the other fingers. He was referred to Cure Hospital in Blantyre to reconstruct and separate his fingers. His mother told us, “She is very happy that her child is well and the operation was successful as she had deep concerns of the outcome. She then thanked those who contributed the funds for her child to go to Cure hospital for the help he received”

We thank God that for the provision of the finance to enable these and more children to have life changing operations.

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