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With the lack of resources in primary schools in Malawi, essential items such as chalk run out and are not resupplied and many schools do not have a proper board eraser.

Quality resources will aid education

Following our very successful appeals for desks and blackboards for classrooms, we now want to resource the schools with a year’s supply of chalk and enough blackboard erasers for the indoor and outdoor classes.

Many schools find it difficult to obtain these elementary resources which impact so negatively upon the education of the children. Teachers often have to write on blackboards that have not been effectively cleaned which means they are writing over other words which can still be faintly seen. This detracts from the teaching and lowers the standard of education.

Chalk needs to be in good supply so that all classes have enough. Unfortunately if the supply given at the start of the school year runs out it is difficult for the school to obtain funding for a fresh supply.

We would therefore like to raise funds to provide each school that Starfish connects with to have an annual supply of chalk costing £98. Each school has classes indoors and outside, so we would like to supply enough board erasers for each class making an average total of 18 per school which will cost £36 (£2 each)

Would you be willing to support us in this appeal to supply these resources to the schools to enable both the children to receive clearer lesson instructions and for teachers to have adequate and quality materials to deliver their lessons?

If you can you help …. Please visit our Just Giving page at to donate to this project. Thank You.

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