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August Edition

Another hot month here in the UK, we hope you've all been able to keep yourselves cool one way or another! We've had many stories from Malawi this month and we were only able to pick just 3...

Hyena Attack

Chancy Lemison, a standard 6 learner at Ngolowindo school was bitten by a hyena around 6 am on Friday the 22nd June at Kundayi village. He was admitted to Salima Central hospital. The hyena bit off both of his mother's hands and one of his father's hands (pictured below) while they were trying to protect Chancy, while also injuring and deeply wounding others. The hyena was killed by a brave villager who is believed to have once been a hunter in the past.The dead hyena was taken to Salima police station. Starfish has assisted the family, provided food and is looking for some long term solution to helping the family in their desperate situation.


Following our really successful project, Desks4Classrooms, last year, for which we thank you for supporting in an amazing way, raising nearly £9,000, this year we are again in the classroom but aiming to resource the teachers by providing good quality blackboards. Are you able to partner with us in this project so that the teachers will be able to teach more effectively and the children reach their full potential? To find out more, you can click on the link below to read the full story on our webpage or email Peter Bell at

Davie Kawanga

Davie Kawanga was born in October 1992. Due to his family circumstances he did not attend primary school until the age of 11. He passed his Primary School Leaving Exam with good grades and was selected to attend Chipoka Secondary School. He commenced Year One when he was 20 years old. Payment of school fees was out of the question for Davie’s family but through the kindness of his sponsors, David and Irene, his school fees were paid, and he started secondary school. Davie was a bright student and... To Read His Full Story Click Here

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