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'Deeply elitist UK locks out diversity at top'

Students educated at independent schools and Oxbridge, still dominate top roles meaning key institutions do not represent the public they serve.

"Locking out a diversity of talents and experiences makes Britain’s leading institutions less informed, less representative and ultimately less credible than they should be…That is not a recipe for a healthy democratic society."

The findings are based on one of the most detailed analyses of its type ever undertaken. It found that those who had attended fee-paying schools included: 71% of senior judges, 62% of senior armed forces officers, 55% of permanent secretaries, 53% of senior diplomats. In sport, 35% of the England, Scotland and Wales rugby teams and 33% of the England cricket team also went to private schools.

In contrast, less than 1% of the whole population are Oxbridge graduates while 62% did not attend university, says the study. The report describes the figures as “elitism so stark that it could be called social engineering”.

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Most senior judges in England and Wales went to private schools and Oxbridge

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