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New Curtains for Manchester Community Project



In East Manchester, Gorton is one of the most socially deprived wards in the country, with anti-social behaviour a constant concern and unemployment greatly higher than the national average. The SAFE Gorton project aims to provide a safe haven for all ages, ability, race and religion.

Through the support and guidance of qualified music teachers SAFE Gorton are not only helping to eliminate violence and crime through the power of music and performing. They are also developing the skills and confidence of young people, and providing an alternative route into music.

In the past 4 years approximately 100 young people have passed through the project, with 15-25 young people in attendance at any one time. The parish hall also operates partly as a community café, providing part time work for students with a variety of learning disabilities. This has already given a number of young people a greater opportunity for future employment and the boost of confidence they need when interacting with the general public.

The £10,000 grant provided by Our World Educational Trust enabled the group to replace the inadequate stage curtains. Old, tired, and unable to fully close the old stage curtains were unfit for purpose. At SAFE Gorton the group provide regular concerts and performances. The new curtains were a much needed boost to enhance the confidence and enjoyment of the young people performing, as well as providing a professional touch.

The video above is a BBC North West feature on SAFE Gorton.

To find out more about SAFE Gorton visit their website.

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