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The current chairman, Geoff Luker, is actively involved in a number of groups concerned with world poverty and specific scientific/medical advancements, among other things. He realised that across all of these separate areas a key component missing for so many was education. It soon became very clear to Geoff that a universal approach was needed to help eliminate the problems many people face in receiving the education they deserve.


Realising that there must be millions of people out there who would help if they could, Geoff decided to create an outlet for gathering support where previously it did not exist. By taking a holistic view of the issues and the potential remedies it became clear that technology and an 'open' approach to fundraising and delivery would be the key drivers to ensure more help gets to where it is most needed.

After undertaking some detailed research Geoff approached some of his colleagues and associates in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Africa with a plan. The plan was simple -  to do less talking and more acting. Upon receiving overwhelming positive feedback and support he founded 'Our World Educational Trust'.


The trust was established from the fundamental truth "Everyone has the right to education" (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights - Article 26). This led to the development of our goals of raising global awareness of the problems people face in accessing education, helping break down the barriers that exist to education, supporting innovative methods of providing education to those who would otherwise have none. We hope that through joining with other related charities and organisations that share our goals we will be able to make a real difference around the world.

With these goals in mind Geoff quickly built a very strong group of like-minded people from around the world. This led to the board of trustees being formed on the 20th September 2013. All of the trustees have either personal experiences related to difficulties faced in education or feel passionately about making a difference, and they all bring something unique to the trust.

A message from the chairman:


People ask me, "Why did you start an educational trust?"

My answer is invariably another question, "What if I didn't?"


The answer, of course, would be "nothing", or "maybe somebody else would do it". There will always be "somebody else" and there will always be reasons to do "nothing'', but what if?


"What if" Our World Educational Trust helps just one person to have an education?


"What if" that one person's dream is to become a doctor?


"What if" that doctor helps to find the cure for cancer?


"What if" we did nothing, or left it to somebody else?

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