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Alternative ways to donate:

With "Give as you Live" you can make a donation to Our World Educational Trust without spending an extra penny!

Do you shop online?

Are you buying a gift card?

Have you been given a gift card that you will never use?

Would you like to donate to charity, but can't afford the extra expense?

Simply by creating a free account with "Give as you Live", and shopping with your chosen retailer online, a percentage of the cost of your shop will automatically be donated to charity.


To create your account just follow the "sign up now" button below, select "sign up as shopper" and follow the instructions.

Additional ways to donate:

In addition to donating by shopping online, you can also make a donation when you buy gift cards or by exchanging unwanted gift cards.

Once you have created a "Give as you Live" account you will also have access to "Cards for Causes", where you can purchase gift cards online, and donate to Our World Educational Trust for free.

Have you received a gift card you will never use? With "Give a Gift" you can convert an unwanted gift card into one you will actually use, and you have the option to donate some of the money to charity at the same time.

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