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How is Your Money Spent?

Your donations will not be used for merchandising.

What can a £5 provide?

If you were to donate £5.00 a week to Our World Educational Trust could ensure a teenager somewhere in the world would receive the education they deserved. A year of education for a child in places like Mali or Uganda costs as little as £250.00,  and you could provide that education for a child for just £5.00 a week.




Charity starts at home

As well as directing our efforts to some of the most needed areas of the globe, Our World Educational Trust will also be working close to home as well.


25% of all funds raised in the UK and Europe will be spent to benefit UK based projects.


The rest will be used to support projects based in other countries, the board of trustees and advisors will allocate those funds annually.


Not just in the UK

The same approach will be taken across the world, 25% of all funds raised in your country will support local projects.


You choose

Our World Educational Trust supports a number of different educational projects, if you wish to donate to specific projects make sure you use our project sliders to allocate your money as you wish.

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