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Fundraising Terms and Conditions

Please Read Carefully

Thank you for choosing 'Our World Educational Trust', your hard work will directly support women and girls around the world to get the education they deserve. There are many ways you can show your support through fundraising, but just as importantly we want to ensure you receive any support you may need from us. The fundraising agreement is designed to clearly explain what we expect of you as the fundraiser, and how we can support you.

Please read carefully, and if you have any questions then contact us.

The agreement details what we expect from you, the fundraiser, and our role in supporting you in your fundraising activities.

I agree that I will:

  • Make it clear throughout my fundraising event that I am raising funds to support 'Our World Educational Trust' and I will not imply that I represent or that my activity is run by 'Our World Educational Trust'.

  • Obtain a license from my local authority to allow me to collect funds on the street or public place. (Note: It is illegal to collect funds in a public place without a license).

  • Inform 'Our World Educational Trust' of all the activities I will hold to show my support in advance of the activity.

  • Seek advice from 'Our World Educational Trust' if my activity is going to be a raffle or lottery, to ensure I conform to the laws governing these activities.

  • Use the official resources when using the 'Our World Educational Trust' branding and logo. Otherwise, I will seek the approval of an agreed representative of 'Our World Educational Trust' before producing my own resources.

  • Provide contact details for my sponsors or donors on the sponsorship form whenever possible to enable 'Our World Educational Trust' to claim Gift Aid where applicable.

  • Conduct a risk assessment to ensure that all safety precautions are taken when planning my activity, considering the safety of both participants and organisers. 'Our World Educational Trust' cannot accept any responsibility for an event organised in support, nor for anyone who participates in the event. Further information can be found at

  • Brief the participants and co-organisers about the event, including any risks, fitness requirements, special equipment, relevant training (if required), special clothing and the standards of behaviour expected.

  • Ensure that the event is adequately supervised at all times, and that additional supervision is available to ensure that adequate supervision is maintained in case a supervisor needs to leave the event. Where children are included, this includes:

  1. Adult supervision (Supervisors must be 18+ years of age)

  2. Ensuring the child's parent/guardian have given their permission for photographs to be taken.

  3. Ensure that all supervisors and organisers are aware of those children who do not have permission from their parent/guardian for photographs to be taken.

  4. To make sure that no photographs are taken mistakenly.

  5. Appropriate background checks need to be carried out if adults are to have unsupervised access to children at any time during the event.

  • Efficiently monitor funds to ensure that 100% of all money raised is recorded and kept securely until transferred to 'Our World Educational Trust'. All funds raised will be transferred within four weeks of my fundraising event.

  • Only seek support from organisations that share core values with 'Our World Educational Trust'. This excludes any tobacco related companies for example. Please contact us if you are unsure if an organisation fits this criteria.

  • Understand that the money I transfer to 'Our World Educational Trust' from my fundraising event will be spent in a way that is decided by the 'Our World Educational Trust' board of trustees and ratified by those legally responsible for 'Our World Educational Trust'. Unless I have contacted 'Our World Educational Trust' in advance of my fundraising event make expressly clear the project I wish to support.

  • Understand that 'Our World Educational Trust' may terminate my rights to raise funds to support 'Our World Educational Trust' at any time.

The role of 'Our World Educational Trust':

  • Providing assistance and advice with planning events and activities where appropriate and possible and respond to requests for materials and support efficiently.

  • Detailing guidelines on the use of logos and branding.

  • Giving guidance and templates on acquiring press coverage for your event, although 'Our World Educational Trust' cannot guarantee press coverage.

  • Administer the funds into 'Our World Educational Trust' and provide acknowledgements to the fundraiser.

  • Provide recognition where appropriate of my status as an official fundraiser or fundraising group.

  • Provide responses to emails, phone calls and all other communications in a timely manner. 

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