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Our World Educational Trust  Malawi

Hello from Malawi,

This is Maria Mkusa, guaranteed to be able to spend the next four years at school thanks to Our World Educational Trust supporters including the South East Shotokan Karate Academy who raised over £2,000 with a recent sponsored event). Enough to send Maria and Mary to school.

Maria is almost fifteen years old yet is only now starting her seconary education. This is her first opportunity to attend secondary school. (This is mainly due to the culture of Malawi where girls are kept at home to help with the younger children, to walk each day to the bore hole well to bring water and to search for wood for the fire where food is cooked.) In addition they are expected to help with gathering the crops, so it is only when they are older that their parents can allow them to go to school.


Both of Maria's parents are alive yet they cannot afford to send her to school. Thankfully this is now no longer a problem for them as the next four years are paid for already.

 The sponsorship provided will cover School fees, Board, Food and a small amount of pocket money

 Maria earned her right to a school place having proved herself to be self disciplined and self motivated. She and Mary below have signed a contract ensuring she will meet strict personal standards during the sponsorship.

We wish her well in her education.

Meet Mary Ketrass who will be going to school with Maria thanks to the support given to Our World Educational Trust.

Mary would like to become a police woman when she is older, and now she has a chance to fulfill her dream thanks to the wonderful support given to Our World Educational Trust by people like you.

She will attend, along with Maria above the Msalura School and enter Form one for 2016/2017

Mary is the fourth of six children in her family, both her parents are alive but cannot afford to send her to school as all secondary schools are fee paying in Malawi.

The gift of education is one that cannot be overstated and it should not be seen as a hand out, but a hand up.

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