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The people of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have suffered one of the deadliest conflicts since World War II, resulting in a crushed economy and a virtually non-existent infrastructure.

Change is Needed


Over the past ten years there has been little or no government involvement in the plateau, other than military actions by the army.  This lack of attention has led to the near complete collapse of the education system, with school buildings often derelict, or improvised by communities who are desperate to see their children receive some kind of education, but the poor standard of school buildings has a hugely detrimental effect on both attendance and attainment rates at school. 


Communities are aware that sending their children to school is the only way for them to gain the education that can lead to their development, but no matter what the standard of the teacher, children's education is compromised when classrooms aren't fit for purpose.

How Can You Help?


Donate now and help us to raise £44,000 to build a school so that the people of the plateau can start to build a future for themselves that overcomes the mistakes of the past. This new school will incorporate all of the vital facilities and infrastructures that these communities are currently lacking - all of which we would have taken for granted in our own schools, including: 


  • A solid, permanent brick building with 6 classrooms and a water-tight roof.

  • A staff room for the teachers and an office for the Head Teacher

  • A toilet block, with separate toilets for girls & boys

  • School furnishings, including desks, tables, blackboards, textbooks and other teaching materials.

  • The setup of a school committee to manage an income generation grant, which will generate money to be used for school upkeep and purchase of equipment.

Find out more about Children in Crisis.

Can you help us build a school in Eastern DRC?
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