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Through partnership with Starfish Malawi we aim to make a difference to women in girls who suffer unecessarily in Malawi. By providing reuseable sanitary health kits as well as the means to become self-sufficient we can improve quality of life, and contribute to a better future.

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Founded in 2003 by Chris Knott, Starfish Malawi seeks to make a difference through education. Within the first three years Starfish Malawi had build a Kaputu school catering for 1,600 children in the Salima district of Malawi. Once one of the worst performing districts for education, it has since become one of the best schools for academic excellence.

At the core of this charity are a host of beliefs and values that have changed the lives of so many already in Malawi:

Increasing the awareness of community health issues can improve the quality of life for children and young people

Empowering the vulnerable enables them to harness their full potential and become self-sufficient

Sharing a wider understanding of social justice and gender equality provides new opportunities for a brighter future

Starfish Malawi has quickly specialised in linking schools in the UK with schools in Malawi, as part of the British Council link programme. Currently 45 schools in Malawi have been linked to the UK. By having both a Malawi-based team and a UK-based team Starfish Malawi can maximise their reach to schools in both countries, and tailor the support provided.

As a direct result of these links Starfish Malawi have been able to provide vital facilities to each school including lighting, toilets, a library, and beds for boarders.

To find out more about Starfish Malawi visit their website.

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