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By supporting Children in Crisis together we can build a new school in the Democratic Republic of Congo to help the communities overcome devastating conflict.

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Children in Crisis was established in 1993 in the UK to give children across the world access to the education they need to help transform their lives. Founded on the knowledge that through education, children have a fairer chance in life, allowing them to contribute positively to their families, and society.

The South Kivu plateau region in the Democratic Republic of Congo is an extremely isolated area that has received little or no government support for many years.

The infrastructure of a school, and the state of its building has a huge impact on a child's education. Small, cramped classrooms prevent effective teaching, especially if there’s a range of different ages and needs. During the rainy season, the children’s lessons are disrupted as rain pours in through holes in the roof or walls.



In 2007 Children in Crisis built its first school in the DRC and have since built and refurbished 17 more. Once a new school is built, Children in Crisis will provide a grant of £950 to a school committee, which is used to generate further income to keep the school maintained and equipped. Yet another way in which the community takes ownership and responsibility for the schools. With your donation we can help Children in Crisis build more schools for the deserving communities of this war-torn country.

To find out more about Children in Crisis visit their website.

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